Private Personal Assistant: People Still Need to Have that Human Touch

There will always be times when busy celebrities or high-ranking individuals need someone who’s made of flesh and bone to handle their affairs. In their hectic world, they need someone who’s well-informed, discreet, reliable, and unflappable—a person who can organise meetings, make connections, brief staff, field complaints, calm nerves, and make everything run smoothly for them.

A highly skilled Private Personal Assistant from trusted concierge services like SORTED can provide that human touch, yet in an efficient manner.


Simple Tips for Hiring the Right Executive Personal Assistant

Finding an experienced private Personal Assistant is much simpler if you work with a trusted staffing agency like SORTED. By clearly explaining your needs and expectations, an agency can refer several experienced and vetted Personal Assistants who fit your requirements.

This saves you the time it takes to receive applicants and sort through their CVs and ensures you’ll have capable, recommended clients as well as the security of a replacement guarantee.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Personal London Concierge/Assistant

If you took the time to read the entirety of the article, you would have noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge leads a life that is similar to that of a high-ranking executive with an unrelenting schedule. Luckily for her, she has several Personal Assistants to help her manage her responsibilities.

Likewise, for CEOs of large corporations, having a personal concierge in London can vastly increase one’s productivity. By outsourcing several tasks to an Assistant, executives can free up more time so they could enjoy a business lunch or leave the office early and spend more time with their families. Indeed, The Harvard Business Review claims that having a Personal Assistant is “crucial to being productive”.