Creative Lifestyle Management: Essential when Travelling with a Baby

A new rule that took effect in April this year allows parents in the U.K. to spend more quality time with their new born children. Called the Shared Parental Leave (SPL), the policy allows both parents to take time off for up to 50 weeks (either in one block or in separate periods) within the birth of their child right up to the baby’s first birthday. The SPL is paid for up to 37 weeks, provided one’s employer has been duly notified.

Although the new legislation is primarily intended to make childrearing a hands-on experience for both parents, couples can also use this time to plan family holidays. After all, you deserve to take a break from work and celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Creative Lifestyle Management Essential when Travelling with a Baby

It can be challenging to plan a holiday, however, especially if your work as a company executive takes up a lot of your time and if you have concerns about travelling with your baby. Where will you go that’s baby-friendly? What modes of transportation will be comfortable for all of you? What do you need to bring and to arrange for the trip? These and many other considerations are precisely the reasons you need creative lifestyle management with the help of a Personal Assistant and Concierge.

Stress-Free Travels

Your PA can gather all the documents and items you’ll need, procure your tickets, make arrangements for special infant seats, and take care of all the necessary reservations and bookings.

Book Venues with Complete Amenities

A PA can book the kind of clean, safe, and childproof accommodations with ample changing areas and cribs where your little one can enjoy quiet naptimes. Count on your PA to likewise help you choose family-friendly attractions and to map out nearby stores where you can buy essential supplies as necessary.

Planning Your Preferred Activities

If you wish to have a detailed itinerary or arrange for a qualified sitter to look after your baby whenever you can’t, count on your PA to go the extra mile and deliver exactly what you need.

An experienced Personal Assistant and Concierge in London, such as the SORTED Life Managers, can be of immense help to busy executives. Whether you frequently go on business trips or occasionally take your family on holiday, you can count on your Life Manager to take care of mundane chores and to plan all your travel arrangements with utmost efficiency. That way, you can accomplish more and make the most of your time with your loved ones.


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