Get a Private Personal Assistant to Help Clean Out Your To-Do List

It’s easy to make a to-do list. That’s the problem.

According to iDoneThis, a tracking and sharing suite, only half of the items on a standard to-do list only get done. You’re not looking at a list with just five or six items, but one where tasks for a single day can take a week to finish. Coupled with other issues like allocating time and a poor mindset, to-do lists are taking their toll on one’s ability to accomplish tasks.

Get a Private Personal Assistant to Help Clean Out Your To-Do List

Part of this poor mindset includes treating to-do lists as grocery lists, writes Daniel DiPiazza, founder of People tend to itemize their tasks without arranging them by priority. As a result, they end up doing low-priority items most of the time. In some cases, major tasks—which take days or weeks to finish—end up on daily to-do lists.

Of course, unforeseen circumstances can knock you off your well-planned schedule. In such a case, DiPiazza offers three options: defer unfinished tasks to tomorrow’s list, delegate them to others, or drop them entirely. Deferring is fine, but too much will prevent you from making some real headway with your tasks. Dropping them isn’t any better, as you realized they’re a waste of time.

Delegating seems to be the best option here. Those that can be done by anyone but can’t be prioritzed with your busy schedule can instead be delegated to a professional private Personal Assistant. He or she can take care of shopping errands, interior decoration, booking reservations, and looking for the best hangouts.

Delegation leaves you with tasks that you absolutely have to do yourself. Some hard work still apply, but at least the list isn’t as long and daunting as before hiring a Personal Assistant such as those from SORTED Personal Management. This leaves the last step in DiPiazza’s three-step to-do list primer: get everything done at all cost.

Don’t worry about a job shoddily done. Whatever type of personal assistant you need, whether a skilled business PA, or a multitasking celebrity Personal Assistant, you can be sure that for as long as you hire from reputable service provides, they should be able to accomplish dozens of tasks without compromising the output.

(Source: “How to Create a To-Do List That Practically Does Itself,” Huffington Post, March 25, 2015)


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