Good Judgment, Trust Crucial in Delegating Tasks to a London Concierge

A CEO may not task a London concierge with running the company, but he can entrust some of the more universal tasks to him, like booking a business trip. That’s delegation in a nutshell.

Delegation allows people to focus on the tasks that matter to them more by allowing some help to handle tasks that can be done by anyone. It’s a skill most people are afraid to do, according to PA Life, because of the risk of failure. Many believe others simply won’t cut it as far as quality of work is concerned.

Good Judgment Trust Crucial in Delegating Tasks to a London Concierge

Delegation, however, doesn’t hand over accountability; you, the delegator, are still responsible for anything that goes right or wrong. To avert this unwanted scenario, therefore, you’ll need to make sure you can entrust the task to someone skilled.

There are tools you can use to delegate tasks effectively. In a 2004 issue of AFE Facilities Engineering, Francie Dalton, founder of consultancy firm Dalton Alliances, suggests using an Impact Grid and Delegation Grid. An Impact Grid identifies the possible impacts of various decisions, while a Delegation Grid identifies tasks that you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Go back to the example of booking a business trip. Anyone can book a trip because travel is a necessity. However, if you find yourself weighing between booking a trip and finishing the report prior, remember that only you know your report more than anyone else. Therefore, it’s better to delegate the booking task to a professional lifestyle concierge or Personal Assistant.

Don’t give the task to just about anybody, even if it can be done by anyone. The person to get the task must prove his or her competence in accomplishing it, preferably without supervision. All this person asks of you is to trust him or her to get the job done, which many entrepreneurs have trouble doing.

Nevertheless, concierge services like SORTED Personal Management can be trusted with more than just booking trips. They also make restaurant or concert reservations, organize parties and events, and even look after the kids while you’re gone. Trust in them as much as you trust your own work and delegation won’t be as scary as it looks.

(Source: “Learn the art of delegation,” PA Life, March 27, 2015)


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