A Good Private Personal Assistant is Both an Optimist and a Pessimist

In any challenging environment, one can choose to be a pessimist or an optimist. When the market fluctuates, for instance, a businessperson can respond in one of two ways: “I failed” or “Try again.” Whilst a pessimist may play it safe until things normalise, an optimist takes the initiative to find a way forward.

An optimistic frame of mind may seem like the obvious thing to adapt in any problem. Yet John Davis, senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School, urges executives and entrepreneurs to be pessimistic or optimistic depending on the situation. Pessimism, particularly when circumstances are against you, leads you to reinvent the wheel. Optimism, on the other hand, encourages you to keep reaching for your goal.

A Good Private Personal Assistant is Both an Optimist and a Pessimist

It’s not like you can be optimistic or pessimistic on a mutually exclusive basis. Researchers say it’s only a matter of how one uses these traits to respond effectively in different scenarios. Adapting both strategies as appropriate, according to experts, helps keep your expectations realistic and facilitates sounder decisions.

A calm, collected approach to decision making should serve any aspiring private Personal Assistant in good stead and correspondingly benefit the clients he or she serves. No matter what challenges you may face, or how seemingly impossible a certain task may seem, take a deep breath and know that you are capable of finding a solution. If all is going according to plan, then keep at it; if not, assess the situation and think of how best to move forward.

Personal Assistants from concierge services like SORTED Personal Management are trained to keep calm and carry on, as cliché as that might sound. They carry out their tasks with utmost skill and professionalism, and believe that things will turn out fine, no matter how complicated the situation, so long as they focus on the solution and not the problem.

As a “right hand and second brain,” a professional executive Personal Assistant is expected to help prepare for the future realistically. Think you have what it takes to succeed as a personal concierge or Life Manager? A company like SORTED can connect you to a discreet Agency that caters to clients in the creative arts, entertainment, and business sectors.

(Source: “Managing the Family Business: Are Optimists or Pessimists Better Leaders?” HBS Working Knowledge, November 17, 2014)


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