Private Personal Assistant Gets More Work Done Every Single Day

The British are the third busiest people in Europe, accruing an average of 42.7 hours per week in 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics. Regrettably, though, the national productivity rating per hour of 107.2 lags behind its continental counterparts. In fact, Luxembourgers, who work 2.5 hours less, are the most productive in Europe at 189.2.

Private Personal Assistant Gets More Work Done Every Single Day

Laura Vanderkam, critically acclaimed author of several books on time management, suggests recording how much time people spend on one task for the entire week—all 168 hours of it. This is perhaps not the easiest method to assess your schedule, but how you construe being “busy” just might need to be revisited. In other words, it’s all a matter of getting your priorities straight and focusing on the things you want to do more.

Keeping a “time diary” may not seem to do much good for the first few days, but a month’s worth of journal entries could help you detect a pattern as it develops. You can then make certain changes, e.g. put off a non-essential task until the weekend to free up more time at work, or take a bath whilst your lamb stew simmers. Rearranging your priorities and giving up certain tasks at present may take some getting used to, but it just might be what you need to be more productive.

Of course, for those times when you simply need to work on a task or two that you can no longer afford to postpone for a further day or week, you may need an extra pair of hands. A skilled private Personal Assistant can maximise your day down to the last minute.

From nannies to personal trainers, Personal Assistants such as those from SORTED Personal Management are handpicked via a rigorous selection process. They’re trained to work under pressure and take away the stress from every client they support. Put simply, your Personal Assistant will see to it that you get the work-life balance you deserve.

With peace of mind provided by an experienced celebrity Personal Assistant, you can be more productive each day. As Vanderkam says: “If you don’t claim your own time, someone else will.”


Are you as busy as you think? Keep a time diary to find out,” Financial Times, January 11, 2015



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