Hire a London Concierge and Never Delay Simple Chores and Tasks Again

You return home to find some unwashed dishes by the sink. Instead of accomplishing this chore now, you decide to put it off for after your six-o’clock teatime. Yet, by bedtime, the dirty dishes remain untouched.

Hire a London Concierge and Never Delay Simple Chores and Tasks Again

The tendency to procrastinate should not be taken lightly. The brain thinks it can do a chore at a later time, but Susannah Locke of Vox aptly describes this as a “vicious cycle.” Try as you might, you can never get the job done since you continue to want that temporary mood boost procrastination offers.

Putting off dishwashing is just a tame example of procrastination’s vicious cycle as it can also hurt you in a number of ways. Say, for instance, you decide to put your diet on hold and reach for yet another cupcake or crumpet. By the time the indulgence stops (if at all), you’re already a few steps closer to developing type-2 diabetes.

Such a mechanism may lie within the brain, but it’s triggered from outside. With the use of digital media at home and work, not only have distractions grown a lot stronger but the work stockpile, it seems, has also multiplied. An IKEA-commissioned study in 2013 supports this notion, reporting that families only spend 36 minutes together for each of the 15 days they’re mostly available.

As much as you want to get on with whatever task you need to accomplish, a weary body can be easily tempted by the instant “benefits” of procrastination. If you find this becoming an unhealthy habit, you might need help.

A lifestyle management service can be your extra pair of hands in completing tasks you might normally put off for another time. Such a service entails common tasks include paying bills, repairing homes, and restocking the pantry and closet. The consequences of delaying these everyday tasks are rather clear—e.g. penalties, irreparable damage, inconvenience, etc.

Of course, there are some tasks you still need to do yourself—such as exercise and report to work, for instance—though a lifestyle concierge can help get these things sorted out more efficiently. It only takes one act to prevent procrastination from ruining your life: getting in touch with concierge services such as SORTED personal management.

In the end, it takes sheer will to stop procrastination. In many cases, it’s the will to hire a personal concierge in London who can complete your everyday chores and help you lead the lifestyle you desire.

(Source: “Why your brain loves procrastination,” Vox, December 8, 2014)