Become a Top Class Private Personal Assistant and Indispensable Asset

With 2014 almost ending, Executive PA Magazine recently concluded its annual Executive PA Magazine Awards. As you may have probably guessed, the event honours and celebrates the achievements of the best Personal Assistants in the UK. Yes, the best PAs are given due recognition for all their hard work—something you can achieve yourself if you dedicate yourself to your profession.


Whether you have experience as a PA for office executives or a young PA looking for his or her big break, employers are looking for PAs that have qualities which help them stay relaxed and efficient. After all, that is what award-winning PAs do. You too can become a top class Private Personal Assistant by following these tips to help you become an indispensable asset to your employer:

Anticipate Problems

Simply put, it’s your job to eliminate any “surprises” that catch your employer off guard. Always keep your employer informed of any changes, especially when they’ve been coursed through you. A quick rundown of problems on the way to a meeting can give your employer a good overview of the situation, as well as give him or her extra time to come up with effective solutions.

Of course, don’t just be the bearer of bad news. Try to offer solutions to the problem. Whether or not your employer takes you up on your suggestions is his or her choice, but it does show that you are more than just someone who can take notes and helps you build more rapport with your employer.

Sharpen your Memory

For high-ranking executives and celebrities, events move incredibly fast and their schedules are packed. It’s only natural that they forget tiny details. As a dedicated Celebrity Personal Assistant, you should take a mental note of these details and help jog the memory of your employer. This is especially important when you and your employer are attending galas and other social events.

Staffing Agencies

In most cases, people looking for great PAs are advised to enquire the services of a respected staffing agency like SORTED. Be sure to send your updated CVs to trusted staffing agencies to maximise your exposure among people hiring PAs. Additionally, being recommended by a trusted staffing agency should give you an edge over walk-in applicants.

(Source: 2014 awards highlights; Executive PA Magazine)