Private Personal Assistant: Key Factors for a Successful Company Event

For some, organising a company event may seem daunting because of the expenses and effort it entails. For others, the task may be thrilling, since it lets them unleash their creative side or their keen eye for details. However you see it, though, people need some help, especially if they’re the top executive of a corporate organization with several responsibilities and busy schedules. A reliable private Personal Assistant would be invaluable in these circumstances.

Private Personal Assistant Key Factors for a Successful Company Event

In an article for Executive PA, a LinkedIn survey shows what professional Personal Assistants value or emphasise most in making any event successful:

One single word was all that was allowed when Hellen Beveridge, an online creative marketer, surveyed her LinkedIn contacts about what makes an event successful.

According to the wordcloud Hellen posted about the survey, the top three responses included Communication first and foremost, closely followed by People and Planning.

“Without clear lines in the organising stages,” Hellen adds, “meticulous messaging in our marketing strategy; and brilliant delivery, we cannot get our message across to our audience.”

So, when organising your next event, whether for a meeting of 5 or a conference of two hundred, remember that amongst the innovation, implementation, efficiency, relevance and a hundred other factors, keeping the lines of communication open stands loud and tall.

A PA versed in event planning has these points in mind, since they influence the outcome of sponsored business conferences or parties. A Personal Assistant ensures that the company brand and name will be represented well in designing every aspect of the event – no matter how small or big it is.

From coming up with the party’s theme and selecting an appropriate venue for a gala dinner, up to finalising the guest list, sending invites, and having security measures enforced during an exclusive corporate event, the PA carefully lays out the particulars. Then, he/she will get the client’s opinion or run things by the latter so the client can stay on top of things.

A professional Executive Personal Assistant, such as the freelance Event Managers and other Life Managers of SORTED, has the resources and skills to accomplish the tasks required in organising a project. The PA can use a wide network of industry contacts and overall event management expertise to secure complete arrangements for the client’s function. He/she can also help oversee and document the event on the day itself, and evaluate its success for the company’s future reference.

(Source: What makes an event successful?, Executive PA, June 2014)